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Cut your energy bills

Cut your energy bills down to size with Cornwall’s collective energy switch

Community Energy Switch’s summer collective is open for switching until 27th July and has secured exclusive tariffs which beat all the other similar deals in the open market.

The collective switching service has been led by the Cornwall-based charity Community Energy Plus, which provides services to help householders reduce their energy use and ensure that they can afford to heat their homes.  The charity is working with the national switching organisation energyhelpline to co-ordinate their collective switch and links into the group buying power of other national and regional collectives.  The initiative is being endorsed and promoted by Cornwall Council, NHS Kernow and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

The winning tariff available to householders with gas and electricity costs £885 a year for a typical home which is £407, or 31%, cheaper than the average household’s annual energy bill.  There are also winning tariffs for single fuel only customers as well as those who prefer green tariffs or have a prepayment meter.

Community Energy Switch is open to everyone – whether they live in or outside Cornwall.  This includes people who own their own homes, rent from a private landlord or social housing provider, as well as if they pay their energy bills by direct debit, cheque, cash or pre-payment meter.

Switching is simple – once a householder has agreed to switch, the necessary arrangements will be made on their behalf with their old and new suppliers.

To get a personalised quotation visit www.communityenergyswitch.org.uk or call 0800 804 7247 or 01622 845 460.