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Demand a fairer deal from your energy supplier

We’ve uncovered that prepay energy customers pay an average £226 more per year than they would on the cheapest online direct debit deal from the same supplier. This isn’t fair. Help us put pressure on suppliers to offer a better price. Lobby your supplier now:


Despite supplier support for our Consumer Demand which aims to make prepay energy fairer and improve the service faced by those that pay as you go, we aren’t seeing any real change in what they pay: in every part of the country, the difference between the price prepay customers pay, compared to the best online direct debit deals, has increased since December 2014.

Help us put pressure on energy suppliers to offer a better price, more control and easier use to those that prepay.

Check out how your supplier fares against the others and email them directly asking them to support the whole Consumer Demand, it will only take a minute using our template email. You can also check the price difference in your area with our constituency-specific prepay dashboards.


Those that prepay deserve a fairer deal. Help us persuade energy suppliers to quit the second class service currently on offer.