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Citizens Advice welcomes review of police handling of domestic abuse

The Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that police forces across the UK will be reviewed over their handling of domestic abuse cases. Citizens Advice has said that the investigation will bring welcome scrutiny and should look into whether victims are taken seriously and supported when they report any kind of domestic abuse, including physical violence or having their money or day to day lives controlled.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said:

“The police have made crucial improvement over the last two years but some victims still do not get the support they need. We have helped people who have had no choice but to stay in the same house as their abuser after reporting an incident because police treated the matter as a civil issue or didn’t offer the victim measures to help keep them safe, like Domestic Violence Protection Orders.

“For people who may have suffered from years of abuse police can be the first contact they have with authorities, so it is good news that there will now be greater scrutiny.” 

Citizens Advice has developed guidance on how to identify abuse, the steps people can take when someone discloses abuse, and the ways people can get in touch with specialist organisations, which is available here . . .

Help and information is also available through the Cornwall Council website here . . .