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6,800 Pensioners in Cornwall Missing Out on Free TV Licences

Citizens Advice Cornwall is urging pensioners to see if they are entitled to Pension Credit, which will also allow them to continue having a free TV licence.

This autumn, new rules came into force, which mean people aged over 75 who previously had a free TV licence will now have to pay the full licence fee unless they, or they’re partner living at the same address, are receiving Pension Credit.

In Cornwall, around 61% of people are not claiming the Pension Credit they are entitled to (amounting to 6,800 pensioners), the fourth highest level in the country by local authority after Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool*.

Citizens Advice Cornwall Chief Executive, Gill Pipkin, said:

“We know that for many people, TV is a lifeline – for entertainment, information and companionship. Many people in Cornwall could continue benefitting from a free licence by simply claiming what they are owed.”

Pension Credit is a weekly benefit based on how much money a person has coming in.

There are two parts to Pension Credit, called Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. Guarantee Credit tops-up weekly income to a minimum amount. Savings Credit is a small top-up for people who have a modest amount of income or savings and is only available if you reached State Pension age before 6 April 2016.

To check if you qualify for Pension Credit and information on how to claim, visit the Citizens Advice website at https://bit.ly/337izZE



1 * – Statistics supplied by Turn2Us