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Published Reports

Citizens Advice publish a number of campaign and policy research reports each year. In these we combine local insights with analysis of wider social and economic trends, and set out new ideas to improve policy and delivery for all. For a full set of reports visit the central Citizens Advice website here . . .

This work has included the following reports.


Rural Access – A report into access to vital services in rural areas of Cornwall, including transport provision


Knock-on Effects of Consumer Problems – how vulnerable people are affected by consumer issues in Cornwall

Knock-on Effects of Consumer Problems, April 2018 (1)


Falling behind   An assessment of debt collection practices in the mobile phone market. January 2016


The Referral Gap   How stronger referrals between free guidance and paid-for advice can help people manage their money. January 2016

Money advice has become increasingly important to families’ financial security as people face more unpredictable incomes and have more freedoms in managing their finances. This report focuses specifically on the referral gap between free and paid-for money advice. In a well-functioning system free guidance and paid-for advice should complement each other in these situations. Good referral systems are crucial to this.


The state of debt collection   The case for fairness in government debt collection practice

Citizens Advice has seen an increase in the number of people needing help with problem debts owed to local and national government. Between 2005/06 and 2014/15 the number of these issues that we helped people with more than doubled. In contrast, personal loan and credit card debt issues have more than halved since a peak in 2008. This report reviews our clients’ and their advisers’ experiences of dealing with debts owed to government.  January 2016