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Meet Our Volunteers

Volunteers are our key resource and they are crucial in every element of all our advice giving and campaigning. We have ongoing training programmes in multiple roles for new trainees, if you are interested in finding out more about volunteering click here.

We invest in and provide training for all our volunteers, which enables them to make a fantastic contribution to the service. And through working with us, our volunteers gain new skills and personal development, wellbeing, and a sense of community.

Volunteer Role: Generalist Adviser

When I joined CA: 2019

Where do you normally work? Bodmin

Background: I worked in the voluntary sector and the NHS, supporting children, young people and families and then spent the last few years of my career as a university lecturer teaching adults working in health, education and social care.

Why I joined CA: I had recently retired and I was loving the freedom, but at the same time I realised that I was ready for a new challenge. I wanted to do something useful and to work directly with people again.

What I do at CA: When I’m in the office I see clients who drop-in or attend an appointment. At the moment I’m working from home, talking to clients on the phone.

What I enjoy about volunteering for CA: It’s great to be a part of CA’s work and to know we are making a difference to people who are going through difficult times. The work is always interesting, often challenging, sometimes sad, never boring.

Why I would recommend volunteering for CA: The training and support are excellent. There is a lot to learn, which can seem daunting at times, but advisers aren’t expected to know everything. There is always a supervisor or colleague to turn to for advice and support. I feel like I’m part of a team, and that we’re doing an important job.

Volunteer Role: Generalist adviser

When I joined CA: January 2000

Where do you normally work? Liskeard

Background: Retired British Aerospace engineer and project manager.

Why I joined CA: I was looking for an activity that was mentally stimulating and would give me an opportunity to help others

What do I do at CA: I give detailed advice to clients who after a brief interview have been found to need an appointment for a face-to-face advice session

What I enjoy about volunteering for CA: I enjoy the mental stimulation and the satisfaction of helping clients to solve their problems and reduce their worries

Why would you recommend volunteering for CA: It provides a meaningful occupation for those who can spare the time and want to give something back.

Volunteer Role: Research and Campaigns

When I joined CA: 2019

Where do you normally work? Usually from home with St Austell as my base.

Background: Retired

Why I joined CA: I wanted to use existing skills and to extend my knowledge and learning for the benefit of others. I knew a friend that volunteered for CA some years ago and this gave me an insight into the excellent work and help CA offer.

What I do at CA: I have taken on various projects which has given me the opportunity to have contact with other organisations and members of the public around Cornwall. My most recent project is to work alongside Trading Standards in order to get young people to become aware of loan sharks and the devastating impact they can have on people’s lives. This work led, much to my surprise, to me receiving an award. I felt immensely proud.

What I enjoy about volunteering for CA: Being part of a very friendly and skilled team of people. I feel I can approach anyone for help and support, everyone is working towards the same goal of helping people whatever their needs. When I first started I was amazed by the range of help and advice CA provide. To think that in some small way that I am contributing to this work gives me great satisfaction. I am constantly learning about the numerous difficulties and challenges people have to face.

In 2019/20 our volunteers contributed over 29,000 hours to Citizens Advice Cornwall.

Our support not only helps our clients help themselves, but also creates a benefit to society through the way we deliver our services. Our social value includes:

support for our local communities

benefits for our volunteers

our national network

As a network, of which Citizens Advice Cornwall is a member, our trusted local insight helps us come together to do more, such as inform collective:

campaigning on big issues

informing national policy