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Citizens Advice welcomes review of police handling of domestic abuse

The Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that police forces across the UK will be reviewed over their handling of domestic abuse cases. Citizens Advice has said that the investigation will bring welcome scrutiny and should look into whether victims are taken seriously and supported when they report any kind of domestic abuse, including physical violence or having their money or day to day live...
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Court of Appeal decision could help more victims of domestic abuse

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, explains: “Victims of domestic abuse are in some cases being blocked from accessing legal aid. “The evidence requirements for domestic abuse victims to get legal aid that can help them separate from their abuser or protect their children are too often impractical." Check out the full statement here . . .
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Do you know what counts as domestic abuse?

Research has shown that society isn't sure what counts as domestic abuse. Nearly 10% of adults think it's OK to slap or hit a partner if they have an affair [ 53 kb] Three in five people don't realise that financial abuse can be domestic abuse [ 56 kb] 1 in 10 British people doesn't realise that domestic abuse can be more than just physical violence [ 52 kb] 3 in 10 Brits think that maki...
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