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It is vital to prioritise your debt repayments!

People are placing themselves at greater risk of losing their home, visits from bailiffs and even prison by paying off consumer credit debts before other priority debts, warns Citizens Advice. New evidence from the charity reveals 28% of people would prioritise consumer credit debts - such as credit card bills, personal loans or overdraft repayments - ahead of household bills, like rent, mortgage...
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Case study: It’s always important to check your benefits!

Citizens Advice Cornwall works with thousands of people every year  - providing free and confidential advice for the challenges you face, whoever you are. Our case studies illustrate both the range of information and advice that we provide our clients with, and our range of partners:   Citizens Advice Cornwall case study Abigail
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Money advice at key times in your life vital in helping you manage your finances

In responding to the Financial Market Review (FAMR) final report, Citizens Advice has highlighted how being able to access money advice at key times in their lives, like buying a home or having a baby, goes a long way in helping people manage their finances. Check out the Citizens Advice response here . . . The FAMA report made recommendations in three key areas: Affordability - making the ...
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