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Sarah’s Story

Toby lives alone in social housing. His income is from Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment and Council Tax support. He has considerable physical and mental health issues. He was being troubled by a bailiff coming to the house which made him very distressed.

He owed a lot of council tax and water bills plus an overdraft and some other credit debts. He had a small magistrates’ fine. Toby had support from his family and we were able to liaise with them, with his permission.

The debt was making Toby’s health worse, getting in the way of his ability to manage bills and spiralling out of control.

We were able to support him by writing to his creditors for balances and putting things on hold until we could help him apply for a Debt Relief Order so most of his debts could be written-off. Toby’s family wanted to help and they were able to clear a small court fine which the DRO could not address. We also advised him to change to another bank that did not charge and helped him managing his finances in future.

A DRO was obtained for Toby and his sister paid the court fine, leaving him debt free. He also received support to budget going forward, help with water bills, from Watercare and advice and support to apply for exemption from council tax due to severe mental impairment.

Lastly the Toby told us he had been in the Navy so we also signposted him to the Royal British Legion for further help on benefits and budgeting, as well as contact with other ex-service people.

Toby is now debt free and can hopefully remain so, due to having advice on the main areas that caused him to be in debt in the first place. He also has two agencies he can call on for further advice and support if needed. His mental health has improved because the stress of debt and bailiff visits has gone from his life.